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Si, F.T. (author), Isabella, O. (author), Zeman, M. (author)
The benefit of two-terminal multijunction solar cells in regard to the number
of junctions (subcells) is critically evaluated. The optical and electrical losses
inherent in the construction of multijunction cells are analyzed using information
from thin-film silicon photovoltaics as a representative case. Although
journal article 2017
Han, L. (author)
Long term concerns about climate change and fossil fuel depletion will require a transition towards energy systems powered by solar radiation or other renewable sources. Novel concepts based on silicon materials and devices are investigated for applications in the next generation photovoltaic (PV) devices and photoelectrochemical (PEC) water...
doctoral thesis 2015
Isabella, O. (author)
Solar energy can fulfil mankind’s energy needs and secure a more balanced distribution of primary sources of energy. Wafer-based and thin-film silicon solar cells dominate todays’ photovoltaic market because silicon is a non-toxic and abundant material and high conversion efficiencies are achieved with silicon-based solar cells. To stay...
doctoral thesis 2013