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Viet, N.Q. (author)
Networked infrastructures such as gas and water pipelines, roads, railroads or power grids provide essential utilities and services to society. Common characteristics of such infrastructures include high capital costs, generally long lifetimes and irreversibility once the construction of such networks have finished. In the design of these...
master thesis 2015
Mouter, N. (author), Holleman, M. (author), Calvert, S.C. (author), Annema, J.A. (author)
An important limitation of Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) is the inherent uncertainty in estimations of future welfare effects. In this paper, we argue that consideration of the ‘price-quality’ dilemma and the ‘communication’ dilemma is useful to explain and improve the handling of uncertainty in CBA. The ‘price-quality’ dilemma refers to the trade...
journal article 2015
Melese, Y.G. (author), Heijnen, P.W. (author), Stikkelman, R.M. (author)
Development of networked energy infrastructures (like gas pipe networks), generally requires a significant amount of capital investment under resources, market and institutional uncertainties. Several independent suppliers and consumers are to be connected into these networks. However, the actual commitment of these parties and the capacities...
journal article 2014