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Lotti, T. (author)
Conventional wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs), like activated sludge systems, are energy demanding requiring a large electrical energy supply (e.g. 25 kWh PE-1 year-1) which, especially during peak-load periods, may account for an important quote of the grid installed power of the surrounding area. Only across the EU, there are 16000 WWTPs...
doctoral thesis 2016
Rombouts, J.L. (author)
Dissimilatory reduction of nitrite to ammonium (DNRA) and denitrification are two biological processes that occur in natural and man-made ecosystems, where nitrate and nitrite are the terminal electron acceptors. The understanding of the environmental factors that determine which of these processes dominate, can contribute to optimising...
master thesis 2015
Winkler, M.K.H. (author)
Book 1 Chapter 1 gives a short overview of the history of aerobic granular sludge technology and finishes with an outline of the thesis. Chapter 2 deals with segregation of biomass as a function of height of the sludge bed. Phosphate accumulating organisms were found to dominate at the bottom of the sludge bed, whereas Glycogen accumulating...
doctoral thesis 2012