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Vrolijk, E.F. (author), Poelhekke, L. (author), Schlepers, M.H. (author), De Boer, G.G. (author)
In the North of Cuba, the Oasis beach area is situated. The beach suffers from structural erosion and earlier measures to deal with this have not succeeded. In this project, a solution is offered to reach two goals: foremost, a beach improvement to the Oasis beach sector and second, a halt to the structural erosion in the sector in order to...
student report 2014
Walstra, D.J.R. (author), De Vroeg, J.H. (author), Van Thiel de Vries, J.S.M. (author), Swinkels, C. (author), Luijendijk, A.P. (author), De Boer, W.P. (author), Hoekstra, R. (author), Hoonhout, B. (author), Henrotte, J. (author), Smolders, T. (author), Dekker, F. (author), Godsey, E. (author)
In order to conceive any realistic plan for post-Katrina island restoration, it is necessary to understand the physical processes that move sand along the littoral drift zone off the coast of Mississippi. This littoral zone influences the character of the Mississippi barrier islands as they exist in an ever changing cycle. To help in this...
conference paper 2012