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Van der Biezen, T.F. (author)
Historically, the coastal zone has always attracted people and across the globe the benefits of inlet systems have made communities settle there. The Tu Hien inlet and the Tam Giang–Cau Hai lagoon system in Vietnam are no exception, as approximately half a million people depend on it for their livelihood. Tidal inlets are also known for their...
master thesis 2014
Duong, T. (author), Ranasinghe, R. (author), Luijendijk, A. (author), Dastgheib, A. (author), Roelvink, D. (author)
Tidal inlets are of great societal importance as they are often associated with ports and harbours, industry, tourism, recreation and prime waterfront real estate. Their behaviour is governed by the delicate balance of oceanic processes (tides, waves and mean sea level), and fluvial/estuarine processes (riverflow and heat fluxes), all of which...
conference paper 2012