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Van Geer, P.F.C. (author), Van Thiel de Vries, J.S.M. (author), Boers, M. (author), Den Bieman, J.P. (author), McCall, R.T. (author)
This paper presents adaptations to the XBeach model aimed at including the relevant processes for the generation of scour holes at the toe of a revetment. Dutch assessment rules for the safety of sea defenses need to be adjusted to cope with a combination of sandy dunes and hard elements. To that end, the XBeach model is prepared to be...
conference paper 2014
Van Thiel de Vries, J.S.M. (author), Van Dongeren, A.R. (author), McCall, R. (author), Reniers, A. (author)
The effect of the longshore dimension on dune erosion is examined numerically with a 2DH process based model XBeach. Exploratory simulations are presented to examine longshore effects due to directionally spread waves, longshore variation in topography and longshore variation in bathymetry. The simulations reveal that alongshore sediment...
conference paper 2011