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Ruijs, M. (author)
In 2008 Hurricane Ike flooded large parts of the barrier islands in front of the Galveston Bay near Houston, Texas. The storm surge also entered the bay through the inlets causing great damage along the bay and the port of Houston. Because of the high probability that a hurricane would strike again the “Ike Dike” was developed. The concept...
master thesis 2011
Bakker, M. (author), Van Bentum, K. (author), Blaak, N. (author), Van Doorn, R. (author), Joppe, C. (author), Kalpias, A. (author), Kik, R. (author), Papadopoulos, D. (author), Ruijs, M. (author), Schlooz, G. (author), Sirks, E. (author), Tromp, R. (author), Van der Ven, M. (author), Vroom, J. (author)
One week the students stay in the Bulgarian village St. Konstantin, near Varna, at the Black Sea. The main goal of the fieldwork is learn how to deal with problems occurring at data collection and the elaboration and interpretation of the collected data. Several coastal measurements are executed at a couple of beaches and their accompanying...
student report 2010
Van der Woerdt, W. (author), Van den Bosch, I. (author), Heerema, R. (author), Ruijs, M. (author)
Master project report. The hydraulic efficiency of the river Araranguá will be increased by the construction of jetties at the mouth of the river. The river tends to migrate from south to north which decreases the hydraulic efficiency and causes flooding upstream during events of high discharge. To stop the migration the construction of jetties...
student report 2009