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Rabbers, H.H. (author)
Het Sieperdaschor is ontstaan uit de voormalige Selenapolder, nadat in februari '90 tijdens een zware storm de zomerkade is doorgebroken. Reparatie bleek te kostbaar en daarom is in overleg met Zeeuws Landschap besloten om de dijk niet te herstellen. Dit bood een goede gelegenheid om de ontwikkeling van polder tot schor te onderzoeken. Dit mede...
master thesis 1998
Kriele, H.O. (author)
The 5,464 km long Yellow River (Chinese: Huang He) is the second longest river of the Peoples Republic of China. Its source is in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and empties after serving an agricultural population of over 126 million people in the Bohai Bay. The main characteristic of the Yellow River is the extremely high sediment load which causes the...
master thesis 1996
Chandramohan, P.V. (author)
In an estuary, the confluence of fresh water of upland rivers with salt water from the sea gives rise to a complex regime of flow pattern due to the difference in densities of the two liquids of about 2.5%. Vhen the estuary is stratified, the heavier salt water which dives underneath the lighter fresh water extends as a long wedge far into the...
master thesis 1989