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Wanders, G. (author), Van Velzen, B. (author), Scholtes, O. (author), Van Leeuwen, Y. (author), Henry, E. (author)
Most hotels in the touristic city of Cartagena, Colombia are in Bocagrande. Bocagrande is coping with several issues which affect the social economic value of the peninsula. Flooding, coastal erosion, overtopping waves and lack of accessibility are the general issues mentioned by the stakeholders. They all seem to be interrelated and therefore...
student report 2013
Wolters, H.J. (author), Melllink, B. (author), Van Velzen, G. (author), Verbruggen, W. (author), Van de Sande, S. (author), Simoons, E. (author), Krom, J.K. (author), El Hamdi, A. (author), Kalf, P. (author), Lin, C.H. (author), Willems, J. (author), Jelia, J. (author)
On the first day research is done at a beach north of Varna, which is called Sirius Beach. This research is presented in chapter 2. In the research the waterline and cross sections are compared with the previous years. The following is concluded: there is a strong seasonal variation which influenced the measured data, there is a decreasing trend...
student report 2011
Den Bieman, J. (author), Van den Koppel, M. (author), Van Velzen, G. (author), Verbruggen, W. (author)
One of the branches of the Paraná delta is the Paraná de las Palmas River. This branch doesn’t have the biggest discharge but has the most navigation. The situation in the Paraná de las Palmas isn’t without problems though; the river banks show erosion over the whole length of the branch. This erosion has been investigated by the following...
student report 2010