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Verdegaal, I. (author)
The permeability of a breakwater is of great importance for the stability of the armour layer. The influence of the structural permeability on the stability of rock armour units was already researched by Van der Meer using the 'notional' permeabiltiy. However, for single layer interlocking armour units the influence core permeability is rather...
master thesis 2013
De Lange, M. (author)
This report describes the influence of the slope angle of a breakwater slope, the density of the concrete of the Xbloc armour unit, the vertical position of the Xbloc on the breakwater slope and the roughness of the under layer of the breakwater on the extraction force of an Xbloc armour unit. By testing the extraction force, indirectly the...
student report 2010
Van Zwicht, B.N.M. (author)
This thesis is about the influence of the specific weight on the stability of single layer interlocking armour units on rubble mound breakwaters. The hydraulic stability of the Xbloc armour unit is expressed by the stability number which is based on the assumption of dominance of lift, drag and gravity forces. If other forces have significant...
master thesis 2009