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De Haas, M.J. (author)
After consulting the "Department of Environment" in Australia it was suggested that an extensive generic study about Tidal Inlets on Littoral drift shores gives them an insight in the processes at work and also the possibilities to improve the stability in order to make tidal inlets suitable for safe navigation. This report describes the most...
master thesis 1999
De Haas, E. (author)
The Storm Surge Barrier in the New Waterway was built to protect the city and port of Rotterdam and the area of the lower Rhine against flooding during extreme conditions. This construction, consisting of two gigantic arc shaped barriers, is to be pivoted into the New Waterway and then lowered in case of an impeding emergency. The arc shape...
master thesis 1998
De Haas, B.F. (author)
Bij het erosieproces, dat aan de problemen met betrekking tot duinafslag ten grondslag ligt, dienen 2 verschillende situaties vergeleken te worden: 1e) de buiten-storm periode 2e) de storm-situatie In de eerste periode treedt langstransport en dwarstransport op en verandert de kustvorm in het algemeen langzaam. De erosie die optreedt is goed te...
master thesis 1990