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Kroon, M.E.N. (author)
Natural reefs are important habitats for a wide range of species. Furthermore, they attenuate waves and thereby protect the leeside, functioning as coastal protection. Many reefs are however eroding or degraded, leading to a loss of these ecosystem services. Artificial reefs can reverse this negative trend. The artificial reefs in this context...
master thesis 2016
Kroon, M.E.N. (author), Rip, J. (author)
Coastal squeeze is defined as the reduction in the space of coastal habitats to operate [1] and it is an important cause for (amongst others) coastline retreat, an increase in flood risk and salinity intrusion. Land use changes, such as deforestation and urbanization, reduce the space of natural habitats such as mangrove forests. This causes a...
master thesis 2015
Kroon, J. (author)
In numerical modelling of water movement wetting and drying is a well known problem. The governing equations are not valid in the dry part of the computational domain which may result in problems with mass conservation, negative water depths and artificially enlarged gradients. A method is proposed that allows for the surface elevation to become...
master thesis 2009