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Luchs, M. (author), Scott Swan, K. (author), Creusen, M.E.H. (author)
conference paper 2014
Gattol, V. (author)
The work in this thesis investigates relatedness (as perceived by consumers) in mental representations of products. Just as other objects that are part of the physical world, products are represented in consumers’ minds in the form of concepts. Concepts hold consumers’ knowledge about a product. They consist of sets of features (concrete and...
doctoral thesis 2013
Saaksjarvi, M.C. (author), Hellen, K. (author)
A product’s value proposition rests on the notion that it brings value to its customers. Typically, such value is created by having novel product functionality, superior technology, or new customer benefits, but value can also be created by adhering to what is fundamentally important to customers in their lives. Focusing on customers’ happiness...
journal article 2013