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Gattol, V. (author), Sääksjärvi, M. (author), Carbon, C.C. (author)
Background: The authors present a procedural extension of the popular Implicit Association Test (IAT; [1]) that allows for indirect measurement of attitudes on multiple dimensions (e.g., safe–unsafe; young–old; innovative–conventional, etc.) rather than on a single evaluative dimension only (e.g., good–bad). Methodology/Principal Findings: In...
journal article 2011
Sääksjärvi, M. (author), Samiee, S. (author)
This study proposes and tests an integrative model that incorporates the mental resources framework (MOA: motivation, opportunity, and ability) alongside traditional innovation adoption predictors for assessing the adoption of dual-functionality innovations (DFI), a special case of multifunctional innovations (MFI). The multifunctional nature of...
journal article 2010
Bouten, L.M. (author), Sääksjärvi, M.C. (author)
The goal of this study was to examine consumer reactions towards branded hybrid product. We examined how consumers interpret and evaluate hybrids with a single brand vs. multiple brands. The results show that consumers are more likely to interpret a product symmetrically (i.e., give equal status to both categories) when two category cues are...
conference paper 2009