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Raes, J.A.N. (author)
Conventional search techniques are limited at solving complex queries because they work on the basis of word computations and link analysis. Semantic search promises to extend the paradigm of traditional IR from mere document retrieval to entity and knowledge retrieval by looking at the meaning of words. This MSc-thesis proposes a semantic...
master thesis 2012
Raes, J.A.N. (author), Valkema, M. (author), Brouwers, N. (author)
The acronym DIPLOID stands for DIstributed P2P LOcation-based Information Database. The development of DIPLOID is the main assignment of this BSc project. The purpose of this information storage system is to store location-based GMapWiki-information in a flexible extendible way using PIAX, a distributed storage system developed at Osaka...
bachelor thesis 2009