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Tan, F. (author)
In commercial buildings, smart lighting control systems are applied to minimize the electrical energy consumption. These systems use occupancy and light sensor data to adapt artificial light in accordance with changing occupancy and daylight conditions. In these systems, the performance relies on a pre-calibration phase to achieve daylight...
master thesis 2016
Tan, J. (author)
Computational RFID (CRFID) devices are emerging platforms that can enable perennial computation and sensing by eliminating the need for batteries. Although much research has been devoted to improving upstream (CRFID to RFID reader) communication rates, the opposite direction has so far been neglected, presumably due to the difficulty of...
master thesis 2015
Drif, A. (author), Austin, S.E. (author), Ko, W.K.H. (author), Tan, J.E.T. (author)
Since their invention, TV's have become one of the most popular media devices and can be found in almost every livingroom in the world. For a long time, the functionality of the TV stayed the same: the ability to view television programs at certain fixed times of the day. Recently there has been development in the television market adding...
bachelor thesis 2012