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Duan, S. (author)
This thesis describes our approach to microblog search personalization. The approach uti-lizes implicit information about the user’s interests to personalize original search results. We first present how do we model users’ preferences on Twitter. Subsequently, we investi-gate different ways to represent search results so that they can be...
master thesis 2014
Van Chastelet, E. (author)
The importance of search facilities on a website grows with the size of the content being served. User expectations for internal site search are greatly influenced by global web search engines, requiring developers of web applications to go beyond basic search functionality. In this thesis, a domain-specific language (DSL) for internal site...
master thesis 2013
Stronkman, R.J.P. (author)
How can Twitter be exploited to fulfill information needs of users on Twitter during incidents? In this Thesis this question wil be investigated and a strategy to locate tweets which fulfill information needs will be introduced. First, techniques are proposed to automatically detect incidents given an unstructured incident data source and...
master thesis 2011