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Langenkamp, W.H. (author)
Reinforcement learning is a machine learning paradigm that deals with optimisation and learns by interacting with its environment. Tabular reinforcement learning methods are popular because of their relative simplicity combined with good guarantees of finding an optimal solution. The downside is that they suffer from an exponentially growing...
master thesis 2016
De Jong, N. (author)
Twitter contains massive amounts of user generated content that also contains a lot of valuable information for various interested parties. Twitcident has been developed to process and filter this information in real-time for interested parties by monitoring a set of predefined topics, exploiting humans as sensors. An analysis of the relevant...
master thesis 2015
Holkamp, Y.H. (author)
Emotion has been shown to have a large impact on our interactions with people and devices. In our daily lives, however, these emotions are not taken into account when working with our computers and other machines. If our devices could pick up on social cues, for instance in relation to disinterest, the usability of various systems could be...
master thesis 2014