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Stokkink, Q.A. (author)
There are two key components for high throughput distributed anonymizing applications. The first key component is overhead due to message complexity of the utilized algorithms. The second key component is an nonscalable architecture to deal with this high throughput. These issues are compounded by the need for anonymization. Using a state of the...
master thesis 2017
Olsthoorn, M.J.G. (author), Winter, J. (author)
A decentral electronic marketplace to trade digital currencies was created for this project. Users may trade MultiChain balance for Bitcoin. MultiChain can be described as up- and download currency in a peer-to-peer network. When a peer uploads, the balance of that peer increases and the peer can download more effectively. The client for this...
bachelor thesis 2016
Drif, A. (author), Austin, S.E. (author), Ko, W.K.H. (author), Tan, J.E.T. (author)
Since their invention, TV's have become one of the most popular media devices and can be found in almost every livingroom in the world. For a long time, the functionality of the TV stayed the same: the ability to view television programs at certain fixed times of the day. Recently there has been development in the television market adding...
bachelor thesis 2012