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Kraaijeveld, J.M. (author)
Software is a centerpiece in today’s society. Because of that, much effort is spent measuring various aspects of software. This is done using software metrics. Code churn is one of these metrics. Code churn is a metric measuring change volume between two versions of a system, defined as sum of added, modified and deleted lines. We use code churn...
master thesis 2013
Bouma, G. (author)
The practice of code cloning is something every software developer has to deal with at some point. The evolution of code clones is of particular interest, because the effects of cloning code show up later in the lifetime of a project. We research the effects a clone's properties have on its evolutionary behavior. For this purpose an approach to...
master thesis 2012
Hurdugaci, V. (author)
Regression testing is an expensive process because, most of times, all the available test cases are executed. Many techniques of test selection/filtering have been researched and implemented, each having its own strong and weak points. This paper introduces a tool that helps developers and testers to identify the tests that need to be executed...
master thesis 2011