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Boomsma, H.B. (author)
Dead code is source code that is not necessary for the correct execution of an application. Dead code is a result of software ageing. It is a threat for maintainability and should therefore be removed. Many organizations in the web domain have the problem that their software grows and demands increasingly more effort to maintain, test, check out...
master thesis 2012
Hurdugaci, V. (author)
Regression testing is an expensive process because, most of times, all the available test cases are executed. Many techniques of test selection/filtering have been researched and implemented, each having its own strong and weak points. This paper introduces a tool that helps developers and testers to identify the tests that need to be executed...
master thesis 2011
Lubsen, Z.A. (author)
Unit testing is generally accepted as an aid to produce high quality code, and can provide quick feedback to developers on the quality of the software. To have a high quality and well maintained test suite requires the production and test code to synchronously co-evolve, as added or changed production code should be tested as soon as possible....
master thesis 2008