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Levisson, Mark (author), Patinios, Constantinos (author), Hein, Sascha (author), Daran, J.G. (author), Martens, Stefan (author), Hall, Robert D. (author), Beekwilder, Jules (author)
Background: Anthocyanins are polyphenolic pigments which provide pink to blue colours in fruits and flowers. There is an increasing demand for anthocyanins, as food colorants and as health-promoting substances. Plant production of anthocyanins is often seasonal and cannot always meet demand due to low productivity and the complexity of the...
journal article 2018
Koopman, F.W. (author), Beekwilder, J. (author), Crimi, B. (author), Van Houwelingen, A. (author), Hall, R.D. (author), Bosch, D. (author), Van Maris, A.J.A. (author), Pronk, J.T. (author), Daran, J.M. (author)
Background Flavonoids comprise a large family of secondary plant metabolic intermediates that exhibit a wide variety of antioxidant and human health-related properties. Plant production of flavonoids is limited by the low productivity and the complexity of the recovered flavonoids. Thus to overcome these limitations, metabolic engineering of...
journal article 2012