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Drieman, R. (author)
The coast of Bulgaria is subject to erosion. Because of this fact, around the town of Balchik, which is situated on the Black Sea coast, almost no sandy beaches are present. Last years there have been vast tourist developments in and around Balchik. Because of these developments, the province demands solutions to adapt coastal protection...
master thesis 2011
Enschedé, M. (author), Van Looij, Z. (author), Van der Meer, R. (author), Van Oorschot, H. (author), Oudshoorn, R. (author), Stevens, T. (author)
In the southern part of Vietnam, where the lower Mekong Delta is located, coastal erosion problems occur. In the Bạc Liêu province, one of the twelve provinces in the Mekong Delta, the width of the mangrove belt between the sea dyke and the sea is reduced by 100 m in the last four years. By rehabilitation of the mangrove forest, the hinterland...
student report 2017