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Simons, L.M. (author)
In optimization, many variants of the Vehicle Routing Problem exists with all sorts of restrictions and characteristics. Heuristics that find near-optimal solutions are known and tested on in the literature, such as heuristics that escape local minima with the use of large neighborhoods. An example is Adaptive Large Neighborhood Search, which...
master thesis 2017
Hinz, J.P. (author)
In my thesis I present a numerical scheme to tackle the Gray-Scott Reaction-Diffusion Model for Human Brain Development. The numerical scheme is based on the principles of Isogeometric Analysis and a number of simulations are given in the report.
master thesis 2016
De Gussem, J. (author)
At the heart of physics of fluids are particle distribution functions. If all of these functions of a fluid are known, the state can be fully described. With a universal theory of particle distribution functions, physics of fluids is done. Of particular interest is the radial distribution function (rdf), which is related to the second particle...
master thesis 2012