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Hendrickx, Q.J.A.M. (author)
We accelerate volumetric obscurance, a variant of ambient occlusion, and solve undersampling artifacts, such as banding, noise or blurring, that screen-space techniques traditionally suffer from. We make use of an efficient statistical model to evaluate the occlusion factor in screen-space using a single sample. Overestimations and halos are...
master thesis 2015
Bholanath, R. (author), Van der Hoeven, E. (author), De Quillettes, K. (author)
A touch table is a perfect way of collaborating within a group. It allows multiple group members to interact with an application at the same time. This in turn allows every member of the group to directly participate in the team process rather than having to send their ideas up the chain of command. An area where such an application might come...
bachelor thesis 2013
Van Ee, A.M. (author)
The number of patent applications has been growing rapidly: in 2010 the patent application requests increased with 11% at the European Patent Office. It is important that patent examiners can efficiently compare new applications with published patents. Patent examiners review the list of relevant patents, returned by a search query, one at a...
master thesis 2012