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Guschl, L.B. (author)
For 400 years New York has a turbulent interaction with its surrounding waters. It embraced, tamed, neglected and rediscovered the waterfront which made its greatness possible. Hurricane Sandy brought in a new complexity for New York and its relationship with the waterfront. The storm reminded the city where it is located and paid a high price...
master thesis 2014
Le, T. (author)
For three hundred years, Mekong delta has become a water society where inhabitants in this region developed adaptive strategies, often called “shaking hand with floods”. Historically, people first settled on the lightly higher terraces and later on the levees along the river. With the digging of canals, people started to settle along the canal...
master thesis 2013
Prilenska, V. (author)
The project proposes to develop a recreational space network in the city of Riga which would supply the residents with local daily-use recreational spaces and simultaneously provide access to large seaside, woodland and lake landscapes outside the city. The city centre waterfront which combines the benefits of the ‘green’ and the ‘blue’...
master thesis 2012