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Nahar, G.N. (author)
The recent launch of high voltage switching devices of new semiconductor materials such as Silicon Carbide, have shown better performance. This makes it possible to use the single stage Flyback converter for low to moderate power, high input voltage applications, which is attractive due to its inherent advantages of low cost and simplicity....
master thesis 2015
Ajayi, O.A. (author)
Small wind turbines have been in existence for several years but it seems they are not used where they are needed the most-distant off grid communities in developing countries. Cost and maintenance have been attributed to be reasons for this. One of its expensive constituents is its generator. The automotive alternator is considered as an...
master thesis 2012
Fadriansyah, T. (author)
Peec-Power B.V. is developing high power range extender for hybrid electric vehicles. The first generator designs for range extender have been built and tested in the laboratory. The prototype generators use a permanent magnets with a radial flux type. These prototypes use two kinds of fractional-slot concentrated winding. The slot pole...
master thesis 2011