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De Krijger, J. (author)
Meta-biomaterials are porous biomaterials created by additive manufacturing techniques such as Selective Laser Melting. These materials are built up form a repeating unit cell, resulting in a porous structure that can be applied for bone implants or prosthetics. The mechanical properties of these meta-biomaterials can be tailored by variations...
master thesis 2016
Ruitenberg, A. (author)
Copper-nickel alloys are used for pipe systems that come into contact with seawater. These alloys are known under the group name cunifer alloys. In this research cunifer alloy CuNi10Fe (with 10 percent nickel) was investigated. The weld filler was a cunifer alloy with 30 percent nickel (CuNi30Fe). While generally there should be little corrosion...
master thesis 2015
Cascelli, C. (author)
Fibre-reinforced polymer composites (FRPs) have been used in structural applications for years mainly due to their outstanding specific mechanical properties. In this thesis, the characterisation of the strain field upon transverse tensile loading of glass fibre-reinforced polymers (GFRPs) was investigated by applying digital image correlation ...
master thesis 2014