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Zeelenberg, L. (author)
The first report is about: A jack-up rig is a mobile offshore platform. Basically, it is a self-elevating pontoon, which can be supported by retractable legs resting on the sea bed. Recently, it is proposed to use these platforms for production of marginal fields, what implies a longer term use. Furthermore, there are plans to use such platforms...
master thesis 1990
Coulomb, L. (author)
A model has been developed to calculate extreme responses of turret moored ships. The responses are expressed in terms of the environmental parameters: waves wind and current. Motions in the horizontal plane, surge, sway and yaw, are analyzed statically and dynamically. The static analysis resolves the equilibrium position and heading about...
master thesis 1988
Taconis, T.W. (author)
A guyed tower offshore windmill has been designed to utilize the much higher wind energy production possible there in comparison to onshore. It will be sited in an intermediate water depth (=75 m) of a coastal region. The feasibility for North Sea conditions for a structure with a life of 25 years has been examined. A modified design, slender...
master thesis 1984