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Hoekstra, R. (author)
The Dutch government aims since the 1990s at a more market oriented approach in urban planning with different implications in terms of who benefits and loses from interventions in vulnerable places such as neighbourhoods of empowerment (krachtwijken). This policy shift and way of thinking about urban planning implicated big changes in the...
master thesis 2012
Kazzaz, A. (author)
This thesis is the outcome of an ongoing persuasion to frame the meaning of the spatial planning practice and inquiry to the context through which urban areas evolve today. The research?oriented approach has been the consequent of a perceived lack of consolidated – technocratic – planning concepts to confront today’s challenges for the...
master thesis 2011
Sezer, C. (author)
This thesis aims to construct a theoretical and analytical framework in order to investigate mobilities of migrant groups in two peripheral neighbourhoods of Istanbul, Turkey, Gaziosmanpasa and Sultanbeyli, within the course of everyday. By theoretical framework, it means a spatial model, which investigates the spatial practices within generic...
master thesis 2004