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Zhang, X. (author)
: Tooth extraction is one of the most common procedures in oral surgery. However, it is complicated as well as not fully understood. Different teeth have different structures and strengths. Even teeth of the same type differ depending on ages, genders, races, and other reasons affecting its integrity. During the procedure, the properties of the...
master thesis 2016
Zhu, J. (author)
The thesis contributes to the pre-collision strategies of robot manipulators by proposing a real-time implementable collision avoidance scheme. The collision is avoided by a braking controller that is activated by a braking trajectory predictor. The predictor provides distances of the end-effector to the object/human in the environment and...
master thesis 2015
Li, Z. (author)
As a component of Dutch Automatic Vehicle Initiative (DAVI) project, this study aims at improving highway driving safety of autonomous vehicle. It is observed that some misbehaved drivers do not use turn indicators forehead a lane change on highway. For a self-driving car in such situations, a lane change is potentially dangerous without an...
master thesis 2014