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Stappers, P.J. (author), Sleeswijk Visser, F. (author), van Boeijen, A.G.C. (author)
"This paper explores the limitations and functions of design labels, such as social design, codesign, and sustainable design. It argues for a clearer and more nuanced approach to describing design practices. The authors collected over seventy of such labels and categorized them into five clusters. Four of these clusters derive their name from a...
conference paper 2023
Hoftijzer, J.W. (author)
The activity of drawing has characterized the human being since pre-historic times. The ‘language’ of drawing was utilized long before writing was there. It is an expression of human’s unique creativity and an example of human’s near-exclusive usage of tools. In this paper, the broad definition and relevance of drawing will be addressed first....
book chapter 2017