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Van der Vurst, F. (author), Grunewald, S. (author), Feys, D. (author), De Schutter, G. (author)
In order to avoid durability problems caused by an inadequate consolidation of concrete, self-compacting concrete (SCC) has been developed. The mix design of SCC aims at balancing a minimum flowability allowing air bubbles to escape and a maximum flowability in order to avoid segregation. Because of the higher demands on mix design and...
conference paper 2015
Lantsoght, E.O.L. (author), Van der Veen, C. (author), Walraven, J.C. (author), De Boer, A. (author)
The combination of increased live loads and a more conservative shear capacity in the recently implemented Eurocodes, resulted in a large number of existing solid slab bridges in the Netherlands being shear-critical upon assessment. However, an enhancement of the shear capacity can occur in slabs under concentrated wheel loads due to transverse...
conference paper 2013