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Kruijff-Korbayova, Ivana (author), Racioppa, Stefania (author), Saad, E. (author), Hindriks, K.V. (author), Mioch, Tina (author), van Vught, W. (author), Consortium, the TRADR (author)
We report Year 4 progress in the TRADR project WP5: Persistent models for human-robot teaming. We focused on the analysis, modelling and online-processing of the information-gathering tasks that the human-robot team is performing during a mission, with the goal to enable the robotic system to follow the mission (understand which tasks have been...
working paper 2018
Martin, C.L. (author), van den Dobbelsteen, A.A.J.F. (author), Broersma, S. (author), Pulselli, Riccardo (author), Vandevyvere, Han (author), Keeffe, Greg (author)
The City-zen Roadshow travels with a team of internationally recognized experts, in the field of energy planning and design to help develop a sustainable agenda for cities and their neighbourhoods. It will visit 8 cities in total over a 4-year period who are seeking expert guidance on how to become more sustainable and wish to move towards...
report 2016