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Ouwerkerk, U.P. (author), Gordijn, J.M.W. (author), Kiela, P.R. (author), Stellingwerff, M.C. (author)
Being able to share visual course assignments and provide and receive personal feedback is essential in most studio design courses of Delft University of Technology. With the rapid growth of online and blended education teachers are confronted with the challenge of maintaining the same quality for this aspect of their teaching as in traditional...
conference paper 2018
Gordijn, J.M.W. (author), Dijkstra, W.P. (author), Oosterhout, A.D. (author)
All first-year students at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) are required to take mathematics courses, but their motivation to participate in these courses is generally lower than their motivation for courses that belong to their main field of study. These lower levels of commitment often lead to lower results and weaker understanding of...
conference paper 2017
Van der Helm, A.J.C. (author), Jaskiewicz, T.J. (author), Romero Herrera, N.A. (author)
conference paper 2015