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Endo, A. (author)
Since the birth of astrophysics, astronomers have been using free-space optics to analyze light falling on Earth. In the future however, thanks to the advances in photonics and nanoscience/nanotechnology, much of the manipulation of light might be carried out using not optics but confined waveguides, or circuits, on a chip. This new generation...
journal article 2015
Ishihara, R. (author), Zhang, J. (author), Trifunovic, M. (author), Derakhshandeh Kheljani, J. (author), Golshani, N. (author), Tajari Mofrad, M.R. (author), Chen, T. (author), Beenakker, C.I.M. (author), Shimoda, T. (author)
We review our recent achievements in monolithic 3D-ICs and flexible electronics based on single-grain Si TFTs that are fabricated inside a single-grain with a low-temperature process. Based on pulsed-laser crystallization and submicron sized cavities made in the substrate, amorphous-Si precursor film was converted into poly-Si having grains that...
journal article 2014
Eliezer, O. (author), Staszewski, R.B. (author)
Digital RF solutions have been shown to be advantageous in various design aspects, such as accurate modeling, design reuse, and scaling when migrating to the next CMOS process node. Consequently, the majority of new low-cost and feature cell phones are now based on this approach. However, another equally important aspect of this approach to...
journal article 2011