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Tsouvalas, A. (author), Metrikine, A. (author)
This paper describes a semi-analytical model that is used for the investigation of the sound reduction during marine piling when an air-bubble curtain is placed around the pile. The model consists of the pile, the surrounding water and soil media, and the air-bubble curtain which is positioned at a certain distance from the pile surface. The...
conference paper 2016
Bernardini, Giovanni (author), Anobile, Alessandro (author), Serafini, Jacopo (author), Hartjes, S. (author), Gennaretti, Massimo (author)
This paper investigates different techniques for the evaluation of the acoustic disturbance emitted by helicopters in unsteady maneuvers. Nowadays, the simulation of noise emitted by helicopters is of great interest to designers, both for assessing the acoustic impact of helicopter flight on communities and for identifying optimal-noise...
conference paper 2015