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Fischer, M. (author), Van Iersel, L.J.J. (author), Kelk, S. (author), Scornavacca, C. (author)
Phylogenetic networks are used to display the relationship among different species whose evolution is not treelike, which is the case, for instance, in the presence of hybridization events or horizontal gene transfers. Tree inference methods such as maximum parsimony need to be modified in order to be applicable to networks. In this paper, we...
journal article 2015
Koenderink, J.J. (author), Van Doorn, A.J. (author)
“Pictorial space” is the mental structure that appears to be the scaffold for the visual awareness when looking “into” (as opposed to “at”) a picture. Its structure differs from the “visual space” that is the scaffold for the visual awareness when looking into the scene in front of the observer. The structure of pictorial space has been probed...
journal article 2012
Cox, S.G. (author), Van Neerven, J.M.A.M. (author)
journal article 2010