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Kaspersma, J.M. (author)
International cooperation for reaching development goals has expanded gradually since the 1950s. The effectiveness of the Overseas Development Aid (ODA) has become a topic of great public interest. A growing body of experience exists to demonstrate that finance alone is not sufficient for development, and capacity and knowledge are increasingly...
doctoral thesis 2013
Makurira, H. (author)
The challenge of water scarcity as a result of insufficient seasonal rainfall and dry spell occurrences during cropping seasons is compounded by inefficient agricultural practices by smallholder farmers where insignificant soil and water conservation efforts are applied. The hypothesis of this research is that many of the past research efforts...
doctoral thesis 2010
Morales Napoles, O. (author), Steenbergen, R.D.J.M. (author), Cooke, R.M. (author)
conference paper 2010