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Van Wageningen-Kessels, F.L.M. (author), Daamen, W. (author), Hoogendoorn, S.P. (author)
An efficient simulation method for two-dimensional continuum pedestrian flow models is introduced. It is a two-dimensional and multi-class extension of the Go-dunov scheme for one-dimensional road traffic flow models introduced in the mid 1990’s. The method can be applied to continuum pedestrian flow models in a wide range of applications from...
conference paper 2015
Eisma, P.R. (author), Volker, L. (author)
Purpose: To create an overview of scientific knowledge currently available on public clients in order to set up a research agenda for public commissioning in construction. Background: Public clients are important actors and change agents in the construction industry. While sharing characteristics with private clients, they differ on terms of...
conference paper 2014
Hasselaar, E. (author)
The passive house standard of northern European countries functions as an inspiration for home owners and project developers for building or retrofitting with high energy ambitions. Passive houses typically involve high insulation levels and heat recovery ventilation. Residual heating is based on heating of the inlet airflow, but other solutions...
conference paper 2009