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Ahmed, A.S.M. (author)
The developmeot of the coastal area is oeeded for tourism and commercial purposes for a country located nearby a coast. Coastal development may lead to local erosion of the shoreline. Coastal defence structures, like an offshore breakwaters, may be used to solve tbis problem. An offshore breakwater is a breakwater parallel to the shore and...
report 1997
Zachariah, R.E. (author)
Offshore breakwaters have been used in many coastal areas for coastal protection with greater or lesser success. However to date these have not been used along the Dutch coast for this purpose. This is probably due to the absence of accurate design tools for their functional design, coupled with the uncertainty of whether this method of coastal...
report 1995
Chasten, M.A. (author), Rosati, J.D. (author), McCormick, J.W. (author), Randall, R.E. (author)
This report summarizes and presents design knowledge for both the functional and structural design of detached breakwaters for shoreline stabilization. Functional design of break:waters in the United States relies on a significant amount of engineering judgement, data from a few existing breakwater projects for comparison, and an understanding...
report 1993