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de Klerk, Jan-Willem (author)
The nautical bottom is defined as the level where physical characteristics of the bottom reach a critical limit beyond which contact with a ship’s keel causes either damage or unacceptable effects on the controllability and manoeuvrability of ships. The nautical bottom is usually assessed using the density of the bottom fluid mud layer as a...
master thesis 2022
Buisman, Menno (author)
In this research, a new measuring method to detect shear parameters in fluid mud is proposed, namely using shear waves, or S-waves opposed to the conventional pressure waves, or P-waves. Currently, detecting fluid mud is done by the use of P-waves. This paper shows that conventional P-waves velocity measurements are unsuitable for linking...
master thesis 2019
de Groot, Sjoerd (author)
This Master thesis presents an improved model for the transport of fine suspended sediment (SPM) in the Rhine region of fresh water influence (ROFI) and in the Port of Rotterdam. It is known that the transport of SPM in the Rotterdam harbor depends on marine as well as fluvial processes. SPM transport inside the harbor has been modelled in the...
master thesis 2018