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Kirichek, Alex (author), Cronin, Katherine (author), de Wit, Lynyrd (author), Meshkati, Ebi (author), van Keulen, Daan (author), Terwindt, Jarno (author)
report 2021
Alfaro Monge, Luis Carlos (author)
Siltation affects navigation in harbors and waterways by reducing the water depth. To regain depth and safeguard navigation, dredging is required. Water Injection Dredging (WID) is one of the available hydrodynamic dredging techniques, in which pumps on a vessel inject water at high flow velocities and low pressure into the bed and fluidize the...
master thesis 2020
Speerstra, Han (author)
Bed roughness is an important parameter for the prediction of sediment transport as well as calculating flow conditions near the bed. Numerical models are extensively used to make these predictions. In these models it is fundamental to have proper values for bed roughness. The bed roughness is being estimated using a dataset from an ongoing...
master thesis 2018