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Overkamp, Jean-Luc (author)
Accurate 4D trajectory predictions are required for the implementation of Trajectory Based Operations. In addition, decentralized, free routing can make medium- to long-term flight trajectories more difficult to predict. Novel trajectory prediction techniques are needed, independent of waypoint-to-waypoint navigation and air traffic control...
master thesis 2021
Van den Bor, J. (author)
Image Processing is an emerging field: every year new applications are introduced, and these are pushing the hardware requirements. This thesis looks at the design of a hardware accelerator to accelerate several filters used in Image Processing: 2D Convolution, Census Transform, and Local Binary Patterns. At Intel, these filters are used for...
master thesis 2015
Al Umairy, S.A.H. (author)
This thesis is done in the framework of wafer metrology to accelerate an electromagnetic diffraction model (EDM), which is used to measure the profile on a wafer, on programmable graphics processors (GPU). The main focus of this thesis is to investigate the suitability of EDM to GPU architectures. This study contributes with statistical data and...
master thesis 2010