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Guo, R. (author), Chen, C. (author), Bannenberg, L.J. (author), Wang, H. (author), Liu, Haozhe (author), Yu, Minghao (author), Sofer, Zdenek (author), Lei, Zhibin (author), Wang, Xuehang (author)
Limited Li resources, high cost, and safety risks of using organic electrolytes have stimulated a strong motivation to develop non-Li aqueous batteries. Aqueous Zn-ion storage (ZIS) devices offer low-cost and high-safety solutions. However, their practical applications are at the moment restricted by their short cycle life arising mainly from...
review 2023
Wang, Xuehang (author), Bannenberg, L.J. (author)
MXenes, two-dimensional transition metal carbides and nitrides, are promising materials for electrochemical energy storage application due to their redox-active surface and flexible interlayer space. Among all reported MXene-based electrodes, some have shown significantly better high-rate energy storage capabilities. Hence, it is crucial to...
review 2021