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Mannheim, A. (author)
Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon (a-Si:H) is a very promising solar cell material with a good potential to use in many applications, as it is cheap to produce, light-weight and flexible. However, upon prolonged exposure to light, the layers suffer from both metastable and irreversible changes (the Staebler-Wronski effect) that have a bad effect on...
master thesis 2013
Legerstee, W.J. (author), De Roode, J. (author), Anastasopol, A. (author), Falub, C.V. (author), Eijt, S.W.H. (author)
We developed a dedicated hydrogen sorption setup coupled to a positron 2D-ACAR (two-dimensional Angular Correlation of Annihilation Radiation) setup employing a 22Na-source, which will enable to collect 2D-ACAR momentum distributions in-situ as a function of temperature, hydrogen pressure and hydrogen content. In parallel, a dedicated glovebox...
journal article 2012
Falub, C.V. (author)
Positron annihilation spectroscopy is a powerful method to study materials containing very small concentrations of atomic defects and embedded quantum dots. Depending on the method of producing positrons, there are bulk spectroscopies using fast positrons and depth profiling spectroscopies using slow positrons. Both types of spectroscopies are...
doctoral thesis 2002