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Zhang, P. (author), He, C. (author), Shen, C. (author), Dollevoet, R.P.B.J. (author), Li, Z. (author)
Wheel-rail high-frequency interaction is closely related to the formation of railway short-wave defects. Finite element (FE) method has been widely used to simulate wheel-rail dynamic systems, but its validity in modelling high-frequency interaction has not been fully demonstrated in three dimensions (3D). This work aims at comprehensively...
journal article 2024
Pisano, F. (author), Schipper, Robbin (author), Schreppers, Gerd Jan (author)
Jack-ups are mobile structures widely employed in the offshore industry as drilling rigs or installation/maintenance vessels (e.g. for offshore wind farms). To assure safety at each location, site-specific assessment is required to predict the performance of the unit during installation and operations. The response of jack-ups to...
journal article 2019