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Vyas, Shubham (author)
Teleoperation allows the use of human intelligence and decision making in remote tasks which are too dangerous for humans to perform. Technologies such as force feedback and haptic guidance have shown to increase task efficiency during teleoperation. In an unmodeled environment, sensors provide input for haptic guidance or present extra...
master thesis 2018
Lei, Q. (author), Wisse, M. (author)
Grasping of unknown objects with neither appearance data nor object models given in advance is very important for robots that work in an unfamiliar environment. The goal of this paper is to quickly synthesize an executable grasp for one unknown object by using cylinder searching on a single point cloud. Specifically, a 3D camera is first used to...
conference paper 2017
Lei, B.J. (author), Hendriks, E.A. (author)
We propose a real-time multi-step view reconstruction algorithm and we tune its implementation to a virtual teleconference application. Theoretical motivations and practical implementation issues of the algorithm are detailed. The proposed algorithm can be used to reconstruct novel views at arbitrary poses (position and orientation) in a way...
journal article 2002