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Obando Andrade, A.V. (author)
Ultra-high ?eld prostate MR imaging (?7T) becomes increasingly difficult due to insufficient radio frequency ?eld excitation penetration. RF coils used at ultra-high ?elds are adapted from lower ?eld strengths but their performance is suboptimal. These coils are designed as near-?eld antennas; however, better signal penetration can be obtained...
master thesis 2014
Mensingh, J.D. (author)
One of the engineering challenges in high-field MRI is to have a homogeneous distribution of the RF magnetic field inside human tissue. In this project we develop a design tool for a HEM wrist applicator that has the ability to generate a homogeneous magnetic field inside human wrist. By taking into account the dominant RF scattering effects...
master thesis 2013
Trommel, R.P. (author), Feenstra, T. (author)
7T MRI-scanners kunnen met de huidige technieken nog niet nauwkeurig genoeg getriggerd worden voor het uitvoeren van scans van hoge kwaliteit. In opdracht van het LUMC is er daarom een project opgestart om een systeem te ontwerpen dat biomedische signalen kan meten, verwerken en versturen om de 7T MRI-scanner te kunnen triggeren. Er zijn drie...
bachelor thesis 2012