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Watts, Abigail E. (author), Lozinska, Magdalena M. (author), Slawin, Alexandra M.Z. (author), Mayoral, Alvaro (author), Dawson, Daniel M. (author), Ashbrook, Sharon E. (author), Bode, Bela E. (author), Dugulan, A.I. (author), Shannon, Mervyn D. (author)
An AlPO<sub>4</sub> zeotype has been prepared using the aromatic diamine 1,10-phenanthroline and some of its methylated analogues as templates. In each case the two template N atoms bind to a specific framework Al site to expand its coordination to the unusual octahedral AlO<sub>4</sub>N<sub>2</sub> environment. Furthermore, using this...
journal article 2020
Hartlieb, E.S. (author)
Proceeding a short overview of the Navigation simulation (NAVSIM) within the SIMONA research simulator, a detailed description of NAVSIM will be given. For NAVSIM, a modular schematic has been developed. The models of the navigation system must comply to this schematic. In this report, the following radionavigation systems will be discussed: VOR...
master thesis 1995